Laser Cleaner

We are introducing the first Laser Cleaning and Prep service in the Northwest!

The newest innovation in paint, rust and coating removal. From machinery, to structures, to automobiles, and everything in between, our Laser Cleaners are able to take on the toughest jobs.

If you use sandblasting, bead blasting, acid dipping, chemicals, or even good old fashioned elbow grease, why not give Laser Cleaning a try?

Removing unwanted material from metal, concrete, stone, and much more, our Laser Cleaners can reach threaded holes and studs, concave areas and corners. Cleaning items which are not able to be moved because the Laser Cleaner does not require it. We have a mobile unit which can come to you!

We can clean machinery, remove graffiti without the need to repaint, or restore your metal statue. From scale on water features, to smoke damage, or hard to remove rust, our Laser Cleaners can remove unwanted coatings with no damage to the base material!

Environmentally friendly, no messy clean up, and cost effective!

Rust and oxidation, carbon, paint, scale, or years of neglect, no problem.

Our Laser Cleaners can get the job done!

Amazing Before and After Photos:


Paint, Rust and Coating Removal for:

  • Metal
  • Concrete
  • Stone
  • and more...